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RDT Soil Pack 1


7 high res texture sets

Natural sandy, stony, muddy grounds.
Including field, bark mulch, tiremarks in soil.

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Soil-Pack-1 is a texture set created from 7 high detailed, scanned surfaces.
Natural sandy, stony, muddy grounds… including field, bark mulch, tiremarks in soil.
This product is available as digital download only.

The pack contains several high resolution texture maps for Color, Bump, Normal, Glossy/Specularity and Displacement that can be used with almost any renderer.

As a special service for Cinema 4D users, you can download free Content Browser Libraries here. They are already prepared for Rendering with Advanced Render or Octane. You just have to link the bought RDT textures to the corresponding material channels.

What is RDT?

“Real-Displacement-Textures” are developed by Christoph Schindelar

Highly detailed scanned informations are optimized, corrected and baked into several image-textures in order to setup a material for CG-renderings (passive and realtime).
By using the provided depthmap for displacement you can even reconstruct the geometry of the surface.

The scans that have been used to build the textures have:
– more than 60.000.000 dense-points,
– polygon-objects with over 10.000.000 faces and
– raw scan-textures with up to 16k HDR

The delivered maps are:
– 100% tileable
– they can dramatically speed up your workflow because there is no scattering needed
– they should work with all engines
– they can look extreme realistic


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