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Parametric Toolkit


New selection, scaling, rotating, positioning and snapping tools for parametric and converted objects.

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A Plug-in for Cinema 4D (Windows+MacOS X) R16-R19. Also runs with R20 if the free Insydium Bridge Plugin is installed (
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Especially parametric objects shine with their flexibility to adjust proportions and subdivisions, but lack the same flexibility while placing, rotating or scaling them. The new Parametric Toolkit closes this gap and offers an intuitive way to scale, rotate und move any kind of object, no matter if it’s still parametric or already converted to a Polygon object. Just grab a corner or edge of the bonding box and drag it to adjust the size or orientation of the object.

The features don’t stop here.  A large variety of additional snapping options allows you to place objects on other bounding boxes or even surfaces, adjust their size to reach another object or to rotate objects to point at a given target. All options are layed out as icons and can easily be integrated in your preferred Cinema 4D layout.

The second included Plug-in of the toolkit offers parametric selection tools and options to select caps, roundings or even static or animated random selections to parametric objects or Polygon objects. Have a look at our feature overview video in our YouTube channel for details: Feature overviews at YouTube


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