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Rounded Gradient Pro


This Shader creates rectangular or thread like gradients and offers optional normal map and displacement map modes.

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Compatibility: Cinema 4D R 13 and newer, Windows + MacOS X

What it does

Rounded Gradient Pro is a Shader Plug-in for Cinema 4D and is able to create rectangular color oder brightness gradients with rounded corners. This is the perfect shape to mimic studio lights in HDRI or IBL environments.

An additional mode of this shader creates helix shaped gradients that can be calculated as color-, normal- or displacement/bump gradients. This is especially useful for technical visualizations that include parts with threads. Creating such parts with the help of this shader can save a lot of memory compared to using modeled threads. Rounded Gradient Pro runs with Cinema 4D 13 and newer versions including R17  on Mac OS or Windows).

For more informations about this shader and an overview of all features have a look at our YouTube channel:

Product informations at our YouTube channel

Just unzip the Plug-in directly to the Cinema 4D plugins folder for installation

The image below gives a demo of the thread mode. From left to right you see the regular thread gradient, then the Normal mapped gradient and finally the displacement of the calculated gradient and a possible render with a metal material. The shape of the thread can be individually defined by a curve.


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