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New line of products: Laubwerk Plant Kits

New line of products: Laubwerk Plant Kits

We just added the complete lineup of Laubwerk Plant Kits to our shop. Each set includes 10 highly detailed broadleaf trees, conifer trees or palms. Each 3D tree comes in 3 variations and 3 growth states. In addition to this, all 4 seasons are covered. This gives an amazing total of 360 trees per package! In addition to this, the amount of detail for each tree can be controlled as well, as well as the amount and size of the leaves. Beside this, the great integration into Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max and Houdini make this a valuable addition to every landscape designer or architect. If you hurry you can even get a 10% discount for each Plant Kit until this weekend 🙂
Kit5_Aufmacher kit06_Aufmacher kit7_Aufmacher Kit3_Aufmacher kit4_AufmacherKit2_Aufmacher

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