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New WIP Video

New WIP Video

Just to keep you updated about my latest progress with the Character Animation Plug-in I’m working on. Here I show you can use almost any already rigged character and start to animate it with just a few clicks.

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    3 thoughts on “New WIP Video”

  • Hi, if i purchase the current PIM plugin does it have all the features you are showing in your video
    or is it in the same state as the demo download, which looks a lot different and simpler?
    best wishes,John

  • Jacobite says:

    Hi, your Plugin (People in Motion) is a total game changer.I could never imagine the work that has went into this Gem. Perhaps, in the next version it would be nice to have some pre defined animations built in as you have in V1.
    I, like many, many others shy away from character animation and any tool to help us is a god send. Even incorporating the characters from V1 would be magic.

    You have something very special, keep up the excellent work.

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